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Lineman's Life

There is no life like it!

Every day and every job you get offers a variety of places and things to interest you. The people you work with are the key to the happiness of your daily world. Everyone one around linemen or line women have earned their respect in one way or another. We speak lineman-ese, a language that is only mastered from time in the trade. 

The views from up above are unique and spectacular and sometimes we just blink, and the day is over. One time, my favorite crew and I were busy winding up wire and were joking around. An elderly lady came over and asked, “Who is in charge here?” I spoke to her, and she tried to rip me a new one. She said that men should not be laughing and joking while working. I told her that is how we get so much done in a day. Time flies when you are having fun and I assured her that when we need to be serious, we are. 

Humor is important and being able to take some kidding is too. Good leaders are typically good communicators but the people who take on the bully or hard-ass roles will not get much done. Of course, over the years people get to know everything about each other and it is just like family. Nowadays, many families are dysfunctional but there are good reasons for it. For it to be successful, there, also, must be shared laughter. It cuts the thick air and helps loosen the lips. 

Mondays can feel like Fridays if you are happy with your job. Linemen have more opportunities than most people because the overtime is wonderful. Balancing homelife is huge. It keeps your reason for working and being happy in focus! If someone were to tell you that you had three million dollars to spend but you could only spend it over 30 years, what would you say? That is your life and if you love what you do you have already succeeded! 

I was once told, that once I made lineman, I was a success and anything beyond that, is gravy! Retirement is great. Being healthy and thankful is better!

Having a head and heart full of memories is so much gravy, my plate is messing up the holiday table! 

Bruce Masse – Trouble Technician

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