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How Quickly Can You Get This Out?

There are too many accidents, too many line hands getting hurt, too many jobs going wrong.

It’s time to take a stand.

What can we do to turn this around?

 Lineman to Lineman

Are you fully trained? Have you been properly shown safety best practices? Are you using all the PPE?

The answer is not more PPE, the answer is training. We as an industry need to step back and start re-training every line hand in our business. We have to go back to the basics.

 I am a construction manager both knees replaced. And at 65 years old, I am watching our industry take a beating due to accidents.

We as lineman need to set the bar higher to set the expectations for safety.

And then we need to train, every day.

Every crew foreman and general foreman today needs to start evaluating and training. Not a safety meeting, a hands-on training every day.

And Rule number 1 needs to be,

No one left behind. We hired these line hands we need to stick by them.

Rule number 2,

You simulate the job on the ground Not talk it to death, not safety it to death.

Simulate it to death.

Rule number 3,

Everybody is required to teach, and everyone is required to learn.

We have to start somewhere, and someone has to have an idea how to re-start.

This is mine


Join me in this quest.

Thomas Palmer - Lineman

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