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The Linesman

Across this country green and gold,

Electricity had to be run, it was the linesman who was told,

So, on poles; crossarms and wires they would fit,

So, streets and houses could be lit,

Now electricity our life it runs,

And to keep it going linesman are the ones,

Day and night in all weather types,

They keep it going and that’s no hype,

Appreciation from customers is rare to find,

But still the job is done for we don’t mind,

A job with dangers it has many,

But with safety nothing is spared not even a penny,

For not to make it home takes; only one mistake,

And this would cause a family’s heart to break,

Where mate watches mate from on the ground,

To ensure no one on this day is heaven bound,

A lot has changed from days long ago,

Go out, do the job was all you needed to know,

These days a linesman’s job is full of stresses and strains,

From policies, procedures and where 100% must be obtained,

And multi skilling is now all the go,

A lawyer, politician, accountant, and operate heavy machinery you must know,

For linesman, the end of an era has also come and they no longer exist,

Now known as lineworker for females have joined the list,

This is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong,

There is no reason why a woman can’t belong,

Either a EWP or ladder if you don’t mind,

This is the job to reach great heights you will find,

From fixing lines and cutting trees in the bush,

To great heavy cables underground you try to push,

You only get one body in this life to use,

So, keep it safe and don’t abuse,

Just remember the rules you don’t bend,

They are there to stop a life reaching an early end,

To keep you safe and going home each day,

Is the reason the rules they must stay?

Malcolm Monson - Lineman


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