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Didn't Do You Any Favors

You have the title apprentice

You went to school

You have all these certifications

Someone taught you how to get a CDL license


Someone told you, Oh your special

Someone gave you a title

Someone dressed you up in lineman gear


Someone didn’t do you any favors

Chances are the foreman you’re working for has little to no experience

Chances are most of the work they know how to do are de-energized

Chances are the teachers that taught them did not explain safety they just teach it

A lineman is not the strongest

A lineman is not in the best shape

A lineman is not the smartest

A lineman was taught by a real lineman


A real lineman has the patience of Job (from the Bible dummy)

A real lineman explains

A real lineman shows

A real lineman teaches hands on.


A real lineman makes safe decisions

A real lineman plans the job

A real lineman knows his limitations


A real lineman knows he is not doing you any favors


Thomas Palmer - Lineman

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