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One Last...

The outage to the development was finally restored. 

The area is fed by a complicated URD loop feeder which consists of a blend of pad-mounted and below ground silo equipment.  Problems in this area are resolved through a painstaking, time intensive process.

The troubleshooters assigned to the task were experienced veterans who were quite familiar with this particular arrangement, having responded to problems at this location on countless occasions. This particular incident was no different than many others, involving numerous switch, isolation and grounding moves.

They had been working at it for several hours and had just completed the last restoration move. Taking a few minutes to regroup, they removed their gear and caught their breath. The only thing left to do was close up the submersible vault and call in the job.

Preparing to place the cover over the silo, one of the troubleshooters noticed that a bushing cap wasn’t seated properly, leaving it exposed. No problem!  He reached in, with his now unprotected hand…….

Thirty miles away, the problem was immediately recognized as the no light calls streamed in.

Terry Bellew

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