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The Cloud

The line crew looked out at the skies

The foreman is dreading taking his crew into the mouth of the storm

A lineman, an apprentice and a helper follow the foreman into the storm

Wires down poles down trees down everywhere and the clouds continue to gather

It’s a moment that will remain with each member of the crew.

It will touch each member differently.

As the cloud looks down on the storm

A figure appears

The robe

The shoulders

Prayers appear to be said

A cloud from heaven

The foreman bows his head in prayer

The lineman sees an angel waiting to carry someone home

The apprentice is struck with fear

The helper sees the cloud as an omen

The storm has ended

The crew has been safely returned to the dock.

The hours have been placed on the time sheet.

Each crew member starts home.

The foreman opens his phone and stares at the picture

The picture will carry him into retirement

Thru the years to come

The picture he still Carries.

After the joyous reunion at the golden gate

The foreman shows the picture

And a voice quietly reminds him.

I made sure you could find your way home


Thomas Palmer - Lineman

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