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The Yank

The company hired a fellow from the upper mid-west as a second-class lineman.

He had a strong mid-western/northern accent (we didn’t know the difference). He was a very likable fellow with a cheerful smile and great attitude. As was customary, at the time, he was put on a crew to “feel him out.” Many linemen lasted only one day or one week. More than once I saw a man paid off in cash at the end of his first day. Put up or hit the highway! The Yank showed up with some finger ends missing. He said it was from working on a barge, rebuilding a RR bridge.

Well one day, he was on a pole (they didn’t have a bucket) and the Yank moved around the pole to reposition himself. He hit a 7200 V jumper which was uncovered (because they didn’t think that anyone would be near it that day).

 It went in and out on the same side(right) of the body. My friend cut out, he was still safety’d off, and landed on his feet on the ground. Fortunately, it was a new clean pole, no attachments. He didn’t have any burn damage, a miracle.

The Yank quit not too long after that. He told me later that it was “Divine protection.”

That was 35 or 40 years ago. I called him up for permission to tell this story.

Dick Weaver - Retired Lineman

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