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Lineman Christmas Eve

’Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house

Not a creature was stirring

Cause the power was out.


How could this happen?

How could it be?

The house is all dark,

Even lights on the tree.


The lineman’s asleep

all cozy and warm,

His power apparently

Spared by the storm.


Deep into slumber

But soon to awake,

Cause a tree on the line

Has caused it to break.


The calls swamp the office.


Get them here quickly,

cause I carry clout.”


The dispatcher calls

With a hint of despair

to tell the lineman

The need for repair.


In three or four hours

The trouble is found:

The road didn’t pass

Where the tree went down.


Out in the snow

They carry their tools

And fix the fault

As they learned in the schools.


They leave the scene

and drive back in the dawn.

The line is now clear

And all power is on.


And now it’s the morning

The kids shout with glee,

Their eyes shining bright

As the lights on the tree.


The lineman is home now

As tired as can be.

The storm has ignored

His Christmas Eve.


He’s not asking for praise

Or for you to applaud,

Cause according to him

It’s just part of the job.


But please just remember

As you pick up the horn

And you call to the office

He may be out in the storm.


With thanks to Gunnar Axelson

 Repost from Line Life Foundation


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