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Hilariously Annoying

He was the second (line) man on the three-man gang that I was assigned to.

I was the driver, new to the truck, new to the division and new to the “culture.” He told me his nickname, which I would soon find out was quite appropriate. He and the Chief, who had his own nickname, were both young, a few years older than me, but seemed much younger than most of the linemen that I had worked with previously. It was a good crew; we worked and had our share of laughs.

It didn’t take long to realize just how well the nickname fit him, as he would mimic or do something to irritate us, only to give a mischievous look and then, smile. On several occasions, as I was driving the line truck, he would turn and give me that look, as the 20-ton boom truck would screech to a halt. He had activated the air brakes (this was usually done on roads with little to no traffic). And, then that smile.

His actions could aggravate you at times, but he would also have you laughing hysterically.  One of the funniest people you’ll ever meet, this guy would give you the shirt off his back. 

Terry Bellew

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