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Tribute to a Lineman

The call comes in late at night

Wire down people out of lights

You kiss your wife you don’t feel like going

The rains pouring and the wind is blowing

Long hours and bad weather, we face it all

The job’s not easy, but it was our call

We wanted to be a lineman, and climb the tall poles

To keep the meters turning is our main goal

It takes pride, integrity, and a whole lot of guts

To do our job, though some think us nuts

Linemen have a bond, a brotherhood you might say

It comes from the hazards and danger they face every day

You trust your buddy you know he’ll be there

To give you a hand high in the air

The wire is big the voltage is high

With God’s grace, he won’t let you die

When the work is all done, and day is though

We go home to our families, proud of what we do

William D. Jenkins - Lineman

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