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Pulling a Pole

We were pulling a pole after a change-over, 34kV on top, 4kv underbuilt.

We set up the line truck, so the turret was right next to the butt. We put the sling around the butt (the same sling that we had used to pull the pole into position to set it). We started to try and pull the butt, no go. The sling breaks, the steel winch line flies up into the 34. Everybody starts running.

When things calmed down and everyone seemed okay, like a bunch of dopes, we decided to say nothing (restrictions had been removed and the line did not trip).

Later that night, the foreman notices exit wounds on his feet and a burn on his shoulder. He goes to the hospital, and thank God, everything was okay. Now, the whole crew has a lot of explaining to do.

We tried to hide something that could save a life down the road. Take your own lessons from this experience. There are several that can be learned.

Unknown Lineman

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