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Induction (Old but Still Relevant)

I just had an induction incident that I thought I would pass on.

We were upgrading open 3-wire secondary along a three-block stretch, from #4solid cu. to #2. A job that we do all the time. We lowered the existing #4’s and installed new 3-wire racks at the normal (8 feet below the single-phase 8kV) spec. and strung the first of three new #2’s.

When dead-ending this conductor, I got a pretty good shot off the grip. So, I called down for a voltmeter and sure enough, 826 volts. I was surprised, to say the least.

I am sure that I have done this same job a hundred times and never noticed a problem. But, this day, my gloves were wet and, obviously, all the conditions were right.

So, guys, let’s not take induction for granted. Even in a residential situation!

Randy Doyle - Lineman

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