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A Lineman's Son

I used to love playing in the belly of the line truck,

You always told me to stay away from the goop pot.

From a square to a bowline or a clove hitch,

You taught me how to tie every knot.

Or the time I was five and you got called out one night,

I went along with you and sat in the foreman’s truck

and shined the spotlight.

Growing up I didn’t know exactly what a lineman did,

But not many people do.

You loved being a lineman, foreman and troubleman,

But you never brought your job home with you.

I remember watching our pine tree shutter in the rain and wind.

And you would be gone working for days on end.

You were always proud of me,

That I always knew.

I’m proud to be in the family business,

          And I’ll be out there on the line, missing you.


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