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Before Darkness Fell

Got a call from the dispatched for a house with no power.

Upon arrival, I noticed that the neighbor had power and was fed from the same transformer. Before knocking on the door, I glanced at the meter and could see that the disc was spinning. I went to the door and an elderly lady came to the door. She told me that she didn’t her any power. After explaining that I had checked the meter and it seemed to be working, I asked her if she could check her breaker box. She told me that it was in the garage in the back. We walked around the outside of the house using my flashlight to see the way. After checking the breaker box and seeing that everything looked fine, I reached up to a pull string light in the garage and it came on.

Come to find out that she had fallen asleep in front of a window while reading and when she woke up it was dark outside and in the house. So she assumed that the power was out.

You know what happens when you assume.

Jason Glass - Lineman

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