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20 Years On

I was on the top of a river crossing tower in Vancouver BC.

 It was 480 feet high and we were changing aviation bulbs on the top of the bridge. It was a beautiful clear day. Looking west, we realized we could see the airport. There were sixty airliners parked around the runways. As we watched, there was one flight landing with military jet escort. Quite the site!

I had just returned from four years of working in the USA   and I thought about my brothers in the trade tower buildings. Here I was on top of tower on a beautiful day and yet other brothers in the trade were ending their lives. My heart and mind was torn.

Canada  was doing what we could to help as we always have.
20 years have passed. I have retired. The USA and the world have changed.

Until my time to leave comes, I will never forget the irony or my American brothers.

We stand true North, strong and free together.

Bruce Masse – Trouble Technician

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