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In Remembrance-Part 3

This is another short story about some of the times working on a crew with Danny.  He was a friend, coworker, and a fellow lineman.  Tragically, he died while working last April.


This was a time when we had to drag a 35' pole up, through a farm, in the snow, with the pickup. We had hand dug the hole and were preparing to gin the pole in with the truck. We had the new pole laying on the ground, in position and ready to set. We were unloading the material and tools.

Suddenly…the new pole was gone! It had slid off in the snow, down through the woods. It went off a high bank and disappeared.

We jumped in the truck and drove down below to the two-lane state road. The pole left a mark on the road but kept going.  It was barely visible down below the road, in the trees, in two pieces.  

We snuck back to the co-op and grabbed another pole.

This time, we made sure we kept our eye on it.

Dick Weaver – Retired Lineman

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