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In Remembrance-Part 4

This is another short story about some of the times working on a crew with Danny. He was a friend, coworker, and a fellow lineman. Tragically, he died while working last April.

Ten Grand

We were working for the co-op that served the community where Danny was born and raised.

He and his family still lived in the same area. One day, he took off in the pick-up telling us, only, that he would be back in a little while. About two hours later he shows up and goes right back to work.

One of the guys noticed an envelope in each back pocket. We had to know what was going on. Danny had never left the job like that before.

Turns out he had borrowed $10,000.00 from the bank to build an above ground swimming pool. And… he made them give it to him in cash!

Since none of us had ever seen that much money, in real life, before. Naturally, we made him show it to us.

Dick Weaver – Retired Lineman

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