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My name is Daniel better known as Theaustrianlineman.

I live in a small place where most crazy linemans austrias come from. This is how I started my career in 2008 at the age of 21. It was exciting, we were a group of 4 people, we worked 4 days and we had 3 days off. The first salary was 3 times as much as a mechanic. I was cought J.

We had a lot to do for 2 years, built big towers, pulling ropes, driving with linebuggys etc, but in the 3 year we had to do a temporary job in our subsidiary company. We built high-tech overhead lines for the railway in an almost 11km long Arlbergtunnel that was built in 1884.

theaustralianlineman tunnel

The right side was finished and was used, but at this time we were working on the left side, it was very dangerous.

After this excursion we were back on the line. As a team we had an easy game, we did ervery job quickly and reliably. This is how my first youtube video was created, it went around very quickly in the company, we got both good and bad feedback. (Freileitung Isolatorentausch 380KV Hochspannungsleitung )

Until one day our boss came to us and would like to use the video as advertising material, our traing department was also fascinated.They finally are able to show new young people what to exept in the proffesion ! In 2017 our 4 man group was devided and erveryone became a foreman with new super workers. During this time, our largest project in Germany started, “ Die Westküstenleitung”at a cost of around € 36 Million, with towers weigthing up to 180tons of iron.

theaustralianlineman towers

There are hard long days with cold, ice, snow, storms or burning heat, but you quickly forget them with buddies over a cool evening beer. We have not won any prieces or anything else, we just want to bring our work closer to you and in the end return to our families in good health.

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