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Lineman Moment

It’s not the day you top out

It’s not the first bad job you catch

But there is a moment

It’s hard to explain

You become aware

You see line work from a different point of view

You become responsible for the job

Doesn’t mean you’re the boss

Doesn’t mean you’re in charge

Worked with a lot of men that held a ticket

Saw men who the job was only a pay check

Watched employees with fear in their eyes

Just because you are in the trade

Doesn’t make you a lineman

Just because you are part of a team

Doesn’t make you a member of the team

Just because you hired out as a Foreman

Doesn’t make you a foreman

But there’s a moment

When it all changes

When there is a switch That you control

You’re not a lineman at home

You’re not a lineman at church

You’re not a lineman on vacation

But lineman walk different

Lineman talk different

Lineman look thru eyes from old souls

The moment is different for everyone

Once you become a lineman

You will have your own moment

Destiny will either embrace

Or Destiny will lead you away

But I can promise you will forever remember

The Moment

                                                                                                         Thomas Palmer - Lineman

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