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Hog Rings

The distribution contractor I worked for years ago would, sometimes, send me with a bucket truck to do side jobs, usually involving a sign company or ball field lights.

Onetime, two of us were sent to hang a net for a new driving range. The poles were set, and guy wires were run at the top and the bottom between the poles. All we had to do was attach the netting at the top and pull it tight at the bottom.

We were given hog rings to make the attachment. I was in the bucket and my buddy was on the ground. There were hundreds of hog rings to use as the net had to be attached every couple of inches. All I took up with me were hog ring pliers and the hog rings.

This was a very dull job, and I was trying to move along as fast as I could. Well, of course, I managed to hook one of my fingers into a hog ring with the net and guy. Not having any means to pry open the ring I shouted to my co-worker to throw me a screwdriver or pliers, or something!!!  

After several failed attempts, I finally had to rip the skin to free my finger.

Yet another painful lesson learned!

Fortunately, they were small hog rings.

Dick Weaver – Retired Lineman

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