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And So I Am

God made a lineman

Someone who learns from the boots up

Someone who understands how important your feet are

Someone who can be molded

So God made a lineman

Someone who learns harshly

Someone who is strong of soul

Someone who understands a title

God made a lineman

Someone who knows what lightning can do

Someone who understands the damage by wind

Someone who comes thru when it rains

God made a lineman

A person who climbs into history

A person who watches a child wave when the lights come on

A person who understands people are thankful only to forget

God made a lineman

Someone who understands sometimes learning is paid with blood

Someone who stands by his pole buddy

Someone who holds his pole buddy’s wife and family afterwards

Someone who has stood the test of time

God made a lineman

Thru fear

Thru tears

Thru pain

Thru agony

Thru the bad times

And the good

God made a lineman

Why… because silent hero’s Rock


Thomas Palmer - Lineman

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