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As a troubleshooter, we experience all types of situations from routine to hazardous. Operating in all types of conditions from oppressive heat to freezing temperatures; blue sky days to raging storms. We are out there 24/7/365 and deal with all types of people (i.e., some angry, some weird, others wacky).  Fortunately, there are also many customers out there that are pleasant and happy to see us respond.

Here is a letter that one of those customers wrote to express their appreciation:

New York’s Forgotten Heroes

They call the Police Officers, “New York’s Finest”. They protect the citizens from evil and corruption. Every day they leave their homes and families, put on their shields and ammunition and go out and face men and women who are filled with hate, having no regard for any human life – not even their own. Their families never know if they will return home at the end of the day.

They call the Fire Fighters, “New York’s Bravest”. They respond to the cries for help to save homes and businesses from being destroyed or rescue citizens from dangerous situations. Every day they leave their homes and families, put on their protective gear, secure the lifesaving equipment and go out and face, not human forces of evil but to fight against the natural elements of destruction. Their families never know if they will return home at the end of the day.

But there is another group of men who are out in the New York City streets.  They keep us out of the dark at night; keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer; they keep the facilities in our homes functioning so that we have our food preserved and are able to cook it and feed our families.

These are the men that “NY’s Finest” call when there is a wire down in the street, sparking and burning – they step back and watch. These are the men that “NY’s Bravest” call when flames are raging from beneath the ground from a “21 – condition red.” They step back and watch.

These men risk their lives every minute of their workday. They are never really sure where the surge of power lies or how much voltage is behind it.  Because, unlike the human forces of evil or the natural elements of destruction, “electricity is a mystery.” Sometimes, you just can’t see it, or hear it, or smell it.

But they climb into their bucket and ride up to meet the trouble. Slipping between the lines with bold confidence and a grace comparable to that of a panther. Or they step down under the ground into a pit of voltage, powerful enough to blow away an entire city block. They splice the cable, slip on the connector, take hold of the two live ends, push them together and with a jolt, restore the power. Their families never know if they will return home at the end of the day.

I’ve had the rare opportunity to see these men in action. Although I have respect for the “Finest” and the “Bravest”, they can never compare to the men I will call “New York’s Best”!  These men hold a special place in my heart and will be in my prayers always. I will not miss a chance to let any citizen know of their function in the streets of this city. I consider it an honor, and I’m so very proud, to have come to know the men of Queens Emergency -#9.

From a grateful customer

It always feels good to know that your time and effort has brought relief to someone’s day. When someone takes the time to acknowledge your hard work in such a manner, just makes it more special.

While this letter is a testament to the work of one group, it really is the story of all of us.

James Brereton – Lineman, Troubleshooter

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