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In Remembrance-Part 2

My friend, coworker, and fellow lineman, Danny died in a tragic work event last April. This is another memory of him.


Once we had a job to change out two backyard poles. One of the poles had a transformer bank and there was a slack span between them, feeding an underground dip. Two crews were put on this job to minimize the outage time. The entire job was done by hand, including ginning in the new poles, off the old poles.

Danny was one the pole with the bank and I was about 30' away on the other pole. After belting in above the neutral, Danny’s belt broke at the buckle and fell down around his knees. The leather was old and rotten. Someone had to climb up there and help him put another belt on.

We all knew how tight he was with money. Once, I sold him a pair of used Redwing line boots for $10.00.  His boots were so old, there was a hole on the sole.

I had to threaten to have his wages garnished just to get him to cough up the money.

Dick Weaver – Retired Lineman

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