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What is Safety

It’s the difference between a good decision and a bad decision

It’s that moment when a shortcut presents the wrong answer

 It’s the plan that’s followed and problems are adverted

 It’s driving the speed limit

It’s stopping to help when your day is over

It’s the believe in yourself to do the right thing

It’s the tears when a brother in line passes

Safety is something you put on every morning

Safety is a prayer for every job

Safety starts when a five year old hands you a plastic phone and you say hello.

That five year old sees someone they believe in, they trust in, because they know in their heart your coming home just for them.

Safety is doing the same job for the hundredth time and learning something new.

Safety is not about the company

Safety is not about meetings

Safety is not about your equipment

Safety is about the next decision.

 Make a safe choice.

Thomas H Palmer - Lineman

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