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A Simple Job

The young lineman was off duty.

He had volunteered to help install a new dishwasher for his sister-in-law. Although he was new to line work, he had been doing electrical work for a number of years.  He was a good mechanic and well liked.

That afternoon, he had gone over to complete the plumbing and electrical hook ups.

There was some genial conversation between them as she went about her household chores and he assessed the situation under the sink, where the junction box was located.

It was a warm day, not too hot, but when you are working in tight quarters, it can get a little sticky. He took a break after he finished connecting the drain hose and then climbed back under the sink to tie in the power supply. After finding a comfortable position, he realized that he had forgotten to trip the breaker. Damn! Ah, screw it. It’s a simple job. Three # 12 solids (neutral, ground, and hot leg), 120 volts, it’s nothing. I will be done in 5 minutes. It will take me longer to walk downstairs to the basement, let alone move everything out of the way to get to the panel box.

The sister-in-law walked by the kitchen, 30 minutes later, and called out to him. No response. Well, he is probably busy. Several minutes later, she asked him another question as she came into the quiet kitchen. No reply. She prodded him anxiously as he lay there very still.

He left behind a wife, young children, and a bright future.

Terry Bellew

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