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My Dad's a Lineman

When I am sick, he worries

When I am happy there’s a twinkle in his eyes

When I am sad, he kisses my forehead

When I started school, he sat in his truck and watched the door

When I messed up your tools you were mad

When I got straight A’s, you beamed

When I started looking at girls you frowned

When I started learning to drive you were sure I would get hurt

High school sports

Holding the line on my grades

The day you came home, and I was using your old tools on that tree

The day I decided to be a lineman

Being the crew leader, you were hard on me

The day I became a lineman you were filled with joy and dread

The day you retired I cried you held me harder than ever

The day they gave me your crew. Every day of my life you have always been a lineman second and my dad first

Thomas H Palmer - Lineman

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